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Georgia Video Games class B COAM games

Georgia Video Games LLC is a Class B Master License holder in the state of Georgia.  All class B games placed in the state of Georgia must be placed by Class B Master License Holders. 

Give us a call for more information. 

Please go to the link above to apply for your license.  

The license application will ask for our Master license number 16024.

Our office is located at 4025 Northlake Drive in Valdosta Georgia.

Contact: Bill Hamlett at 229-563-0397 or Jerry Evans 229-834-9481

Our Master License Number is 16024.

Georgia Video Games LLC is your contact company to place class B  games in your Georgia business.

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Class B games Video Games are regulated by the Georgia Lottery.  Class B games are perfectly legal in Georgia and generate revenue for your location and the hope scholarship program.  The only cost to you is your location license ($125 per machine per year).   

The Lottery is currently testing a Visa Gift Card to be used as a redemption item.  You will be able to use the Visa Gift Card anywhere Visa is accepted.  This will be a game changer.   Let us help you get your License today.